Adopt-A-Park Program


Help Keep Us Looking This Good! 

Can your business or organization spare one day a month to help keep one of our City Parks in beautiful condition?

Please review this brief overview - How to Organize a Cleanup - to see what it takes for your group to perform this valuable service.

We ask volunteer organizations to perform maintenance once per month - such as weeding, raking sand, picking up trash and reporting any broken park equipment to the City. Your group should commit for one year, and provide tools appropriate for the work being done.

Large parks may have two or more groups responsible for different weeks during the month. In recognition of your support, the City will post a sign prominently at your Park, and you will also have acknowledgment on the Park's web page.

Each volunteer must submit a Cleanup Volunteer Waiver prior to working. Parental permission is required for participants under the age of 18.  

How to get started

Select the park that your group would like to adopt. See map and the list below for the city parks available for adoption.

Park Name  Address  Adopted By 
Falcon Park 15050 W. Indian School Rd. Millennium High School
Goodyear Community Park * 3151 N. Litchfield Rd. 607 Air Control Squadron (2nd week)
Cactus Patch Girl Scouts (3rd week)
Rio Paseo 15200 W. Virginia Ave. Girl Scout Troop 1879 
Bullard Wash Phase 2   Girl Scout Troop 2636 
Palm Valley 13189 W. Monte Vista Dr.  Primrose Academy 
Parque de Paz 1601 N. Palo Verde Dr.  SW Community Network 
Wildflower North 16151 W. Monroe St.  - Available for Adoption -
Wildflower South 16150 W. Desert Bloom St.  Incito Schools NJHS
Loma Linda 400 E. Loma Linda Blvd.  Westside Silver Fins 
Estrella Vista South 2700 S. 157th Ave.  Team Platinum Kindergarten Class 
Roscoe Park 15600 W. Roeser Rd.  Petz Place 
Foothills Community Park 12795 S. Estrella Pkwy. Estrella Mountain Elem. School NJHS


* The 1st and 4th weeks of each month are available for adoption.

Complete the Adopt-A-Park Agreement Form, then contact Missy Jenson, Wellness and Volunteer Coordinator, at 623-882-7807 or send her an email to begin the process.